Casual wear can be smart; Freezone has been proving just that since 1998. Sero group’s casual wear brand, Freezone, brings to you sophisticated yet fun designs, including an array of prints, checks and patterns, and high-quality material together to make an exclusive range of casual shirts.

Freezone’s casual shirts are an enhancement to your wardrobe. Whether you decide to wear it with your jeans or shorts, choose to tuck it in your pants or wear it to go out on weekends – our shirts are extremely versatile.

At Freezone, we never compromise on quality. The shirts are made using a wide variety of fabrics which range from 100% cotton and cotton-linen blends to a mix of cotton and elastane fabrics offering the right amount of flexibility. All our shirts receive an initial washing which gives our shirts a soft hand feel, making these breathable fabrics extremely comfortable to wear all day long and prevent shrinkage. That way, we ensure that your shirt will stay the same as on the first day, even after quite a few washes.

Freezone is proud to be a brand that understands the needs of the millennials today. We believe in keeping up with the latest trends with thoughtfully designed shirts for modern ambitious professionals.

Freezone Kids

Childhood is about trying new things, falling, rising and jumping onto becoming the next big thing. Never restrain yourself from experimenting. Live up to these curious years and come up with something new every time. For the future fashion icons, Freezone is proud to present its Boy’s collection of vibrant shirts. Crafted with premium fabrics and peppy designs, our shirts compliment your child’s brighter side.
Let’s inspire the young wave of fashion. 

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