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We are Sero!

Sero stands for attitude. Sero stands for charm. Sero stands for an ideal manWe believe that the style for all self-made men should define their attitude towards life and that is how Sero was born. ‘Self-made’ – this is what we are; this is what we believe in. Sero is the proud creator of the finest line of shirts and trousers. We have spent over 50 years specialising in the art of designing shirts that are perfect for any occasion – formal or celebratory.


Your shirt makes your first impression. So, send the right message with the right shirt. We make shirts from the finest fabrics to make sure your style doesn’t hinder your confidence but carries it.


We know that youth are conscious about their fashion choices and what it says about them. Informal yet affirmative, that’s what our Uth collection of shirts say about you.


Formal shirts from Sero are a classic combination of charm and grace that you can ever find. Tailored to give you a great fit, you can now look stunning as you reach new highs.


When you want to dress to impress, Sero has got your back. Made with 100% pure cotton fabric and designed to set the best impression, these shirts are all about being stylish, bold and elegant.

Weddings are the perfect time for one to steal the show. Sero’s Marry Me collection is designed for those who are looking to seal the deal in style. Be it your wedding or your closed ones’, set the celebratory vibe with Sero!

A self-made man stays ahead of the world but is also true to his roots, much like our founder, Nemchand Rambhia. We make premium-quality shirts in white so that you carry a bit of your heritage, while you take over the world with your brilliance.


Sero trousers are known to hit all the right checkpoints every single time. Comfortable yet fashionable and classy – that’s what anyone wishes for and precisely what we deliver with our trouser designs. 

Formal Trousers

Our range of formal trousers is tailored to give you a perfect fit so you can rock that office look with a surge of confidence in you.

Cotton Trousers

Make a lasting first impression with Sero cotton trousers. This brings together a perfect blend of formal and casual styles, so you can head straight to a party after you are done with work, without having to change.


Nothing can beat the good old denim. Crafted from the twill-weave fabric and formulated with elastane yarn, this denim allows maximum flexibility and comfort without compromising on style and elegance. And if just denim not for you? Sero proudly presents Dentton. This range of trousers is the perfect blend of cotton and denim. It gives you the comfort of light trousers with the fit of denim.

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